Why Italian made mattresses are best!

Europe has long carried a reputation of sophistication and refinement when it comes to lifestyle and culture, and one of its finest specimens is Italy.

While many of us think of the hardboiled Cosa Nostra whenever we hear its name, for hundreds of years, the country has also been a nexus for style, fashion, and elegance. Florence, Milan, and Tuscany have been big names ever since the Renaissance period, and today, are regarded as hubs for fashion and luxury. While nowhere is this more evident than in the clothing industry, Italy has made a name for itself in the bedroom décor and accessories niche as well, especially in the mattresses department.

Here are some reasons why these mattresses are a big deal:                              

Italians give a lot of importance to home décor

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of Italian made bedding is the importance home décor enjoys in the Italian lifestyle. Italians seek a kind of casual and familiar perfection in everything they put in their homes, from furniture to electronics to cars to mattresses.

The rustic look which has become so popular in bedrooms these days has its roots in Tuscan home décor traditions. Their mattresses, being an essential part of this décor, also inherit the same familiar look and feel, making them compelling commodities around the globe, especially in a market where consumers are starting to become weary of generic products that provide little more than functional comfort.

A focus on quality and innovation, combined with decades of experience

magniflex mattressesAnother area in which Italian made mattresses outshine the competition is quality and innovation. Leading manufacturers based in the country, for instance, Magniflex, have been around for decades. They have amassed experience in plenty and are constantly researching ways to make their mattresses better than they are at present. They focus on creating a graceful, lavish and thoroughly high-end product which combines Tuscan beauty with modern day comfort.

Italy is the fashion capital of the world

Of course, being the global capital in fabrics gives the country a distinct edge when it comes to mattresses: manufacturers are able to create covers from the highest quality cloth, and transform them into highly appealing finishes for their mattresses, thanks to the fashion gurus so abundantly available in Italy. Again, given the rather bland designs featured in most of their competitors, Italian mattresses automatically command a distinct appeal.

The quality of mattresses from Italy is such that holidaymakers returning from the Tuscan countryside have been compelled to single them out in their praise, even when they stayed at one of the cheaper hotels! Many have expressed a desire to purchase an Italian-made mattress for themselves, something that would’ve set them back quite a bit in terms of cash 10-15 years ago.

Today, the internet has made things much easier: Italian mattress manufacturers are readily able to sell their merchandise to a global clientele. Ultimately, the immaculate and lavish nature of their products is well deserving of the praise they receive.